Jillian Riley

Jillian Riley has been working as a design professional for many years but it is her love of ceramics and illustration which are currently being translated into her beautiful vessels. Drawing inspiration from a fascination with ravens, magpies, an interest in mythology, wild landscapes and a passion for things that are a little on the dark side, Jillian is known for her collection of handmade ceramics with a twist.

The vessels are slipcast from personalised moulds of old poison, apothecary and scientific glassware before design details being individually applied. Three distinct ranges include illustrated pieces, additions of sculpted birds and animals, as well as the intensely floral vessels on show here at the Anvil gallery. The pieces here have a strong oriental feel to them with the simple shapes and limited colour palette. The black parian vessels are lifted by cascades of white porcelain flowers and angled necks revealing 24ct gold leaf to make them 'sing' .

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