Stevie Davies

With over 13 years working as a Contemporary Glass Artist based in Derby, Stevie Davies has developed a number of very distinct sides to her creative practice. Using a variety of techniques and numerous firings to create each one-off Wall Art or Sculptural piece, Stevie manipulates layers of specialist glass colours to build truly unique designs. Each piece is developed to include contrasting textures which encourage playful interaction with light.

Glass is such a fascinating material to many of us, it is familiar yet unpredictable, solid and translucent, hard but delicate. Stevie highlights its natural shine with the application of various specialist surface finishes which are applied to the glass.

Imagine an ever changing artwork, seeing something new each time you catch a glimpse throughout the day, the sunshine through your window moves, reflections and shadows are cast onto the glass surface. Stevie Davies brings all of these properties together in the hope of creating truly dynamic feature pieces.

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