Kara Strachan

Originating from Southport Kara Strachan is a self taught artist who has been artistically creative since early childhood.

Further education took her down the route of Floristry which fired her interest in painting flowers. She combined her floristry with her painting for a number of years while running her own successful flower shop in North London.

A move to Staffordshire in her mid twenties brought her closer to her family and also to the historical gardens she later began painting. She has regularly exhibited these paintings with The National Trust. It was through this that she became inspired by old English gardens and fascinated by ancient woodlands.

Since 2007 Kara has been based in her studio gallery where she holds solo exhibitions selling her paintings nationally and internationally whilst also running regular painting workshops.

Outside of the studio her work often includes creating huge anamorphic 3D artworks for multinational companies, educational establishments, museums and local authorities.

Kara has recently rekindled her love of the coast and strives to capture the romanticism of the sea in her paintings feeling she is returning to her roots as a child on Southport beach.

Creating incredibly atmospheric seascapes and woodland scenes Kara enjoys travelling the varied British coastline capturing every mood in her acrylics and brush strokes.

Anvil Gallery
11 Old Blacksmith's Yard,             
Sadler Gate, Derby, DE1 3PD