Lindsey Hambleton

Lindsey has painted from a very young age – the themes of trees and water appearing in her work from these early days. A professional career in painting began after a period of studying art, and also environmental science at universities in Manchester.  Working mainly on wood panel, recent paintings are often large in scale, with compositions inspired by well known places.  The landscapes have strong structural elements, often framed by trees, with strong use of light and open space.

I am inspired by familiar landscapes, in particular Derbyshire and the Scottish Highlands. Using new large panels I have been able to push further my technique of using broad brushstrokes to explore the forms of trees, water and land. Some paintings have evolved quickly and boldly, whilst others have taken shape over months, requiring many layers to enhance and deepen the palette and texture. My paintings are increasingly about the balance of colour and form, but just as importantly drawn from the mood of the landscape and the pure emotion of colour itself.

Anvil Gallery
11 Old Blacksmith's Yard,             
Sadler Gate, Derby, DE1 3PD